Still life
1934 | oil on hardboard
61 x 75 cm

Despite their earthly themes, Gounaropoulos’s translucent and airy still lifes seem to resist the law of gravity and are part of the artist’s enigmatic painting universe.

1934’s Still life depicts a female bust reminiscent of ancient Greek sculpture, surrounded by fruit on an undefined surface. The curvilinear form in the upper left corner may be perceived as a pulled curtain. The diagonal axis, created by the inclination of the sculpture to the right, leads the viewer’s gaze to the background, where a blue landscape is visible. Blue light also underlines the small houses in the upper right side, as well as the bust itself. The contrast between the warm hues of yellow and red used by the painter throughout the composition and the cool cobalt blue and ultramarine creates a pleasant intensity and brings the depth of the painting to life.