“Dancing Sketches”
December 18, 2021

Performance in two acts

The performance “Dancing Sketches” was designed and realized for the G. Gounaropoulos Museum, in the context of the temporary exhibition Dance & Image: a dialogue between contemporary dance and the visual arts, that was organised in collaboration with the Isadora & Raymond Duncan Dance Research Center, Athens.

The performance “Dancing sketches” explores the relationship between dance and painting, as well as the boundaries between the two art forms in a specific context, and their mutual overturn.
The visual artist created, in her studio, a work of art specifically for the performance through a process of “full body gesture”. The artwork was then passed onto the dancer, who was encouraged to develop on the canvas her own narrative, through her dancing body, in the space of the Museum.
The boundaries were tested, as the performance, rather than being a live work in progress, became limited to a remote interaction between the two artists. Additionally, the performance instead of being a live event addressed to an audience, took place as a solitary “conversation in two acts”, creating a dialogue with an unpredictable artistic result.

Christina Foitou, visual artist
Katerina Bella, dancer-choreographer

Music: Christos Garmpidakis Dergar
“To See”, from the album On(c)e
“Drama Therapy”, from the album Fraternity
“The Shoemaker and the Red Shoes”, from the album Nobody asked About The Red Shoes
Camera: Stamos Prousalis (in the G. Gounaropoulos Museum)
Nikos Efthymiadis (in the artist’s studio)
Editing: Stamos Prousalis