January 15, 2022

videodance film

How do the inexhaustible fluctuations of the spherical line of the painter Giorgos Gounaropoulos (Gounaro), the mystery hidden in his drawings and the fluid relationship of light with shadow and symbols, converse in a contemporary creation?

Using as a starting point the writings, the house-studio, the work, and the history of G. Gounaropoulos, ÉTUDE is a set of cinematic episodes that attempt to capture the intensity of the painter’s line, the fluidity of movement and space, through the abolishment of the boundaries of the object, the sensory dialogue of natural stimuli (water, light, air, rocks) and the transcendence of the nature of the female human being (woman-spirit, archetype). Just as his paintings create the feeling of a storm that calms and flares up again, ÉTUDE carries a strange serenity, which pulsates on the cusp of small and big disturbances, taking viewers through the body into a timeless landscape of multiple interpretations.

We co-created the film through fruitful interplay with the entire creative team. During the creative process, we experienced the freedom that G. Gounaropoulos allowed his viewers to make their own interpretation of his paintings. Furthermore, thanks to the support of the Museum curatorial team, we gained a better understanding and formed a deeper relationship with the artist’s work. We are thankful for this opportunity, and we hope that the painter himself would approve of the final outcome.

Chrysanthi Badeka & Christina Sotiropoulou


Artistic direction: Chrysanthi Badeka & Christina Sotiropoulou
Choreography-cinematography-editing: Chrysanthi Badeka
Costume design: Christina Sotiropoulou
Performance: Sofia Pouchtou
Original sound score: Ilias Vafiadis
Lighting design: Michalis Kloukinas
Production management: MOZ
Curatorial support by the G. Gounaropoulos Museum team:
Manolis Karterakis, Art Historian-Curator
Dionissia Giakoumi, Art historian, PhD-Curator
Zoi Charalampidou, Museologist
Natalia Pavlatou, Finance and Administration Services


*The film has been selected for Stories We Dance 2022 – International Competition, the video dance section of “FuoriFormato – Festival internazionale di danza contemporanea e videodanza”, that will take place on 28 June-1 July 2022 in Genoa, Italy (www.fuoriformatofestival.it).