Dialogues and interactions:
The Greek-French archive of Demosthenes Agrafiotis
17/02/2021 - 31/03/2021

The exhibition presents the gift that the poet and intermedia artist, Demosthenes Agrafiotis, offered to the G. Gounaropoulos Museum in 2019. The gift highlights the important and longstanding relationships between the Greek and French artistic and intellectual world and aims to pay tribute to Gounaropoulos’s Greek-French education and influences.

Agrafiotis donated to the museum two of his artworks from the 1970s, archival material documenting his manifold international activity and a series of French journals that marked his intellectual and artistic formation. These include 147 issues of Critique and 173 issues of Le Cahier du Refuge.

Critique is a monthly journal of the historical publishing house Les Éditions de Minuit. It was founded by Georges Bataille and was first published in 1946. To this day it provides a forum for the international literary, philosophical and more broadly intellectual avant-garde. Le Cahier du Refuge is the documentation bulletin of the cipM Centre international de poésie Marseille (International Centre for poetry Marseille). The centre promotes poetry in all artforms and presents a wide range of cultural events from the international experimental art scene.

Until the safety restrictions are lifted and the museums re-open to the public the exhibition will be available only in a virtual form.

Photo gallery:

  • photographs of the exhibition in the museum
  • two artworks by Demosthenes Agrafiotis
  • selection of journal covers, excerpts from articles and programs, additional inserted material
  • selection of documents relating to Agrafiotis’s artistic activity

The exhibition is accompanied by a program of parallel events in Greek. To see the program click here.
The talks will take place online on zoom https://zoom.us/j/6413477611?pwd=czJBWkpQcjcxdHZyNGhmaTZNSW8rUT09

Dionissia Giakoumi, Art historian, PhD-Curator, G. Gounaropoulos Museum
Manolis Karterakis, Art historian-Curator, G. Gounaropoulos Museum