Educational programs

The museum offers educational programs with activities designed specifically for all levels of education and for all ages:
– Interactive storytelling, inspired by Gounaropoulos’s paintings, for children aged 4-7 years.
– Guided tour of the museum and art activities based on the paintings of the collection, designed for children aged 8-12 years.
– Guided tours, with an interdisciplinary approach, for middle school and high school students. The life and work of G. Gounaropoulos is presented within the artistic and historic context of his era and the famous “30’s Generation”.
– Museum education program, for children aged 5-8 years.
– Film screenings on the life and work of G. Gounaropoulos.
– Art history lectures, open to the public of all ages.
– Educational activities, in relation to temporary exhibitions.

Attendance at all programs and activities is free of charge.


“Gounaro’s Fish”

Fly Theatre present a phantasmagorical journey through the magical paintings of Giorgos Gounaropoulos (Gounaro), and an introduction to the artist’s work for children aged 4+. With humour, lightness and a playful spirit, we are led by our hero, the fish which manages to free himself from the famous canvas Woman with fish through various dreamlike but also actual landscapes from the painter’s memory.

The artworks presented in the animation belong to the collection of the G. Gounaropoulos Museum, with the exception of the mural with the view of Athens from the Athens City Hall.

Idea & Text: Katerina Damvoglou & Robin Beer (Fly Theatre)
Animation: Robin Beer
Music: Robin Beer
Voice: Katerina Damvoglou
Curators: Manolis Karterakis, Dionissia Giakoumi, Zoi Charalampidou
(G. Gounaropoulos Museum)
Special thanks to the Deputy President of the Μuseum Maria Gounaropoulou
for her contribution
Production Support:
Natalia Pavlatou (G. Gounaropoulos Museum)
Anastassia Tamouridou – ARTos & Theama (for Fly Theatre)


“Imagine Gounaro”

This short animation creates a world with the most important moments from the life and work of the painter Giorgos Gounaropoulos, taking inspiration from the artist’s personal style. Through an illustrative narrative with colours, single line drawings, symbols and historical references, the animation delves in the real and the imaginary, and visualises the dream world of the artist.

Animation: Babis Alexiadis
Illustration: Konstantina Kyratzidou
Music: String’s Edge
Curatorial support by the G. Gounaropoulos Museum team:
Zoi Charalampidou, Museologist
Dionissia Giakoumi, Art historian, PhD-Curator
Manolis Karterakis, Art Historian-Curator
Natalia Pavlatou, Finance and Administration Services
Special thanks to the Deputy President of the Μuseum, Maria Gounaropoulou,
for her contribution