c. 1950 | charcoal on paper
70 x 50 cm

A self-portrait is often an opportunity for the artist to reflect upon himself and his work, while at the same time conveying the image of himself that he wants to project to the public and to his clientele.

Gounaropoulos painted his self-portrait on numerous occasions from his youth until his later years, in drawings and oil paintings alike. In the self-portrait exhibited at the G. Gounaropoulos Museum, the artist is depicted at around sixty years old. His robust form suggests a strong-willed man and the portrait exudes the self-confidence that comes from a sense of personal achievement and recognition for his work. Nevertheless, the painter portrays himself in his work clothes (1931, 1962), expressing in this way his conviction that an artist’s work never ends. The sharp and vibrant lines of the drawing lend his form vigor, while his intense, pensive gaze is directed outside the composition and toward his artistic vision.