Line. Hommage à Gounaro II
13/11/2019 - 31/01/2020

This is the second exhibition as part of the celebrations for the anniversary of 130 years since the birth of the painter Georgios Gounaropoulos and 40 years since the foundation of his museum in the Municipality of Zografos, in Athens.

The exhibition pays tribute not only to the mastery of Gounaropoulos’s line drawing but also to the importance of his use of line in any aspect of the composition in his work. Alongside the permanent collection of Gounaropoulos’s paintings, the exhibition Line. Hommage à Gounaro ΙΙ presents works by seven contemporary artists who use line as an important means of expression. Their works are created in a wide range of, sometimes, unpredictable media and bring a fresh approach as much to personal issues as to their connection with the wider framework in which they occur.

Artists: Antonis Choudalakis, Andreas Christodoulou, Maria Dimaki, Nikos Exarhos, Voula Koukkou, George Sakkas, Athanasia Vidali

Curator: Dionissia Giakoumi, Art historian, PhD-Curator, G. Gounaropoulos Museum

Opening: Wednesday 13 November 2019, 19:00

The exhibition is accompanied by an extensive program of parallel events. To see the program in greek click here.